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Korda Funnel Web 4 Season PVA Mesh Systems

Funnel Web's main function is to create a PVA mesh bag of any size in the shortest time possible - it can be made in less than 30 seconds leaving any other system for dust.

Funnel Web minimises wasted PVA making it the most cost-effective PVA bag system ever made.

If you are not using it in your carp fishing, you're missing out!

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PVA bags can be used for a multitude of different baits and situations including small or large boilies, chopped or whole, leaving a small pile of loose offerings around the hookbait.

Chum mixers can be catapulted up to 40m especially with an added stone for extra weight.

Trout, salmon or carp pellets can be used and even particles such as Tiger Nuts, Maples and Hemp, providing that they have been mixed with salty water to delay the melt time, can all be used in the Funnel Web.

Containing everything needed for making PVA bags, the systems include a filler tube, Kompressa plunger and 7m of Hexmesh PVA Funnel Web.

Available in three diameters to suit different size baits and feed quantities. The largest size is the Original Funnel Web, followed by the slightly narrower Boilie Funnel Web, with Long Chuck Funnel Web being the narrowest.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda

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