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Fox Rangemaster Powerguard Catapults

The Rangemaster Powerguard Catapults provide safety protection to the users hand from the retracting elastic and pouch when it has been stretched to the maximum for distance.

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Features include:-

- Patented knuckle defender

- Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for wrist flexion when baiting

- Swinghead pouch fixings allow 360 degree unrestricted movement to help prevent the elastic from twisting

- Textured rubber grip on pouch

- One piece monocoque polymer frame

- ‘Teardrop’ profile on handle to prevent twisting in the hand when in use, which aids accuracy

- Sculptured finger grips for greater comfort and control

- Non-tear pouch materials

Available as method or multi purpose bait pouch options.

The moulded method pouch prevents the groundbait ball from being crushed when under tension.

The multi-purpose pouch is ideal for a wide variety of baits including boilies, particles and pellets.

Spare elastics, pouches and elastic connectors available separately

Manufacturer Fox

Manufacturer: Fox

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