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Korda Multi Lead Clips

The Multi Lead Clip is a universal lead system which can either be set to eject the lead as per a conventional lead clip, or fished running style to confuse extremely wary carp.


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Danny Fairbrass and the Korda boys who fish Gigantica every year have been using this ‘running style’ lead clip for many years and it has proven to be one of the very best set-ups for hooking the extremely pressured carp on the Main Lake.

The running method works by removing any pivot point which may help the carp eject the hook, the lead continuing to slide up the main line as the fish pulls against it.

To fish a running set-up, do not plug the swivel or kwik link, allowing the lead to slide up the main line.

To force the lead to eject when snagged, use the supplied pins to plug the swivel or Kwik Link into the clip. This will lock the lead clip in to place and allow the lead to be ejected.

Compatible with all tail rubbers in the Korda range but ensure the clip is wet before pushing on and for fish safety, never push the tail rubber on fully.

Available in Weed/Silt and Gravel/Clay colours. 10 per packet.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda

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