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Korda Zig Magnet

Anyone who has fished with zig rigs will know how awkward it can be when the hook link is swinging around behind you, but the innovative Zig Magnet now solves that problem!

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Shorter zigs in windy weather have a habit of trying to catch on any bit of undergrowth or other obstacle behind you, and long ones are even more problematic. The Zig Magnet solves this, and this simple piece of tackle will become an essential element of any zig anglers armoury in the future, as it will allow you to fish more effectively.

The concept is very simple, it is basically a flat magnetic head with a tilt attachment that can be screwed into any bank stick or storm rod and adjusted so that your rig and hook link stays clear of anything it might get caught on during the cast. Not only will the Zig Magnet prevent your rig getting caught on anything, it will also prevent any danger of your hook touching against anything that could blunt it.

To get the best out of the Zig Magnet it is best to use a bank stick with nothing protruding from it, to eliminate any risk of tangles.

Team Korda field testers who have had access to Zig Magnets during the testing stage have been putting them to good use already, and they are set to become a common sight in swims on waters across the country!

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