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Shimano Tribal Isolate RN20 Shelf-Life Boilies

Tribal Isolate RN20 is a nut based boilie which contains tiger nut flour, crushed toasted soya beans, betaine HCL, kelp, spirulina and a wide range of additional proven fish catching ingredients. The perfect nut bait for the colder months.

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Isolate boilies have been developed with one goal - exceptional carp nutrition.

The main ingredients include:-

Tiger nut flour - A high energy additive containing starch, fats, proteins,sugars and fibre. Widely recognised as a top carp bait ingredient that adds to the attraction and also improves the texture.

Spirulina - A nutrient dense food packed full of vitamins, plus several key minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium, known for reducing stress levels which results in a more relaxed feeding state leading to better bite to hook-up ratios and improved recovery time.

Toasted peanut - High in protein, toasted peanut adds to the nutritional profile of the bait and also adds smell and taste attraction by releasing a nutty aroma proven to be attractive to carp.

Oyster shell - Finely ground oyster shell adds texture and a slight 'crunch'to Isolate boilies which carp seem to prefer as it mimics many of the natural food items they pick up from the lake bed when feeding.

Betaine HCL - An amino acid proven to stimulate a feeding response in fish. A natural product, it readily leaks into the water around the bait to increase attraction and feeding stimulation.

Available in 15mm or 18mm sizes, and 1kg or 3kg bags.

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Manufacturer: Shimano