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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soak Liquids

Swim Stim Pellet Soak Liquids are the easy way to add colour and flavour to plain carp, coarse or fishery pellets and expanders.

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The Swim Stim Pellet Soak Liquids are boosted with the same Swim Stim attractants used in the corresponding groundbait and hook pellets.

Add to plain fishery pellets or expanders by simply soaking for 2 mins per mm of pellet size, before allowing to stand for 20 minutes. For expanders replace water with the liquids when pumping or bagging them.

Treated pellets are perfect for method, pellet or hybrid feeders, potting and cupping in, or loose feeding with a catapult.

Available in Swim Stim Amino Original, Betaine Green, F1 Sweet or Red Krill flavours. 500ml bottles.

Manufacturer Dynamite Baits

Manufacturer: Dynamite Baits