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CC Moore Mini Halibut Pellets

Mini Halibut Pellets contain highly digestible protein, a high oil level, added vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


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  • These black, 2mm pellets break down completely within 30 minutes, clouding the swim with a 'slick' of attraction and high quality food particles. These pellets can be mixed with Hot Hemp, Intense Hemp, Salmon Microfeed and other pellets to produce superb spod mixes or loose feeds.


A superb stalking carpet feed can be made by mixing Mini Halibut Pellets to Salmon Micro Feed at a ratio of 50:50, and then sprinkling a covering of Feedstim XP Powder and Belachan Powder. Then add a small amount of water and Pre-Digested Fish Meal to bind the feed into balls before using. This will produce a highly attractive, digestible carpet of marine proteins and extracts that will create and instant food signal to any fish in the area.

EAN 0634158444999
Manufacturer CC Moore

Manufacturer: CC Moore

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