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CC Moore NS1 Halo Hook Bait Booster Liquid

NS1 Yellow Halo: Supercharge Your Hookbait

CC Moore's legendary Northern Special range needs no introduction to most carp anglers, being based around probably the most successful range of hook baits ever produced; Northern Special NS1 Pop Ups.

The Northern Special Halo, is a potent yellow 'hookbait smoke' enriched with the highly concentrated NS1 flavour blend. Applying this exceptional liquid to your hookbait ensures it emits an irresistible, vivid yellow 'halo' of appetite-stimulating attractors in the water, captivating fish with unparalleled appeal.

Key Features:

  • Potent Attraction: Infused with the exclusive NS1 flavour blend for unparalleled hookbait enhancement.
  • Striking Halo Effect: Releases a distinctive yellow ‘halo’ around your hookbait, stimulating fish appetite effectively.
  • All-Temperature Performance: Remains highly effective in various water temperatures, suitable for year-round use.
  • PVA Compatibility: Designed to be PVA friendly, allowing for versatile fishing strategies.
  • Usage Recommendation: Achieve optimal results by using up to 10ml per 50g of lures/hookbaits, providing a significant attraction boost without excess.

Enhance your hookbait with the NS1 Yellow Halo for a noticeable difference in your fishing outcomes. Whether facing cold or warm water conditions, its potent formula is designed to draw fish in, making your bait the focal point. Now available at Poingdestres, this hookbait enhancer is indispensable for anglers aiming to improve their catch rate significantly.


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Giving hook baits a coating of this superb liquid concentrate will super boost the intensity of their taste and aroma profile and ensures they release an irresistible, vivid yellow ‘halo’ of appetite stimulating attractors that will cloud the water around your hook bait and pull fish in to investigate.

Northern Specials NS1 Halo features include:-

- Contains a high level of the irresistible Northern Special flavour blend 

- Bright yellow colour creates a vivid halo of water soluble attraction 

- Designed for boosting Northern Specials specifically but works with any other hi-viz hook bait too

- Highly concentrated, sweet, citrus flavour profile that fish just love

- PVA friendly liquid, quickly soaks in and disperses over a long period

- Potently attractive in all conditions, also repels strong smelling silt

- As with all NS1 products, extremely effective at any time of the year   

100ml bottle.

Usage Tip - Be sure to give hook baits a generous coating of this powerful booster, allow it to dry in and then repeat as required. (Repeated liquid coating of pop-ups may reduce their buoyancy.)

Manufacturer CC Moore

Manufacturer: CC Moore