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CC Moore Tones Hook Bait Booster Liquids

Tones highly concentrated hook bait boosters are designed to be added to the corresponding Dairy Cream or Ester Cream Tones to give them a powerful boost of attraction and maximise their angling performance at any time of the year.

They contain the same potently effective flavour blends used in the production of the hook baits, with added appetite stimulants and feeding triggers which combine to create a incredible investigatory response from fish in even the coldest and most challenging conditions.


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Tones hook bait booster properties include:-

- Sweet, milky, ice cream flavour profile (Dairy Cream) or a sweet, smooth creamy-acid pear flavour profile (Ester Cream)

- Extremely concentrated, thin, colourless hook bait booster liquid

- Gives hook baits an intense boost of attraction

- Contains highly effective, proven appetite stimulants

- PVA friendly liquid, quickly soaks in, disperses over a long period

- A pH-balanced formula delivers intense feeding triggers  

- Designed to be equally effective at any time of the year   

- Highly concentrated!

Supplied in a 50ml child-proof bottle

Usage Tip - Give Tones hook baits a light coating of the powerful corresponding booster, allow it to dry in and then coat with CC Moore's outstanding Lactose Concentrate on the Dairy Cream, or Fructose Concentrate powder on the Ester Cream to make a superb hi-attract hook bait option. 

Manufacturer CC Moore

Manufacturer: CC Moore