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Cox & Rawle Ready Tied 'Dongle' Rigs

The Dongle Rig is designed with competitive anglers in mind, and consists of a pulley rig fitted with a Mutsu circle hook fitted for optimum hook-up efficiency.

Attached to the hook is the 'dongle', a short 4" length of braid or wire that the hook bait is attached to, rather than being put directly on to the hook itself. This places the bait at the lowest point of the hook gape, next to the point of the circle hook, ensuring maximum hooking potential. The dongle is concealed once baited so cannot be detected by the fish.

It is recommended to use a baiting tool when whipping on softer baits to the dongle as this will make a potentially very fiddly job much easier and allow the baits to be kept straighter and more aerodynamic.

At the end of the dongle is a small clip which will attach to an impact release clip, keeping everything streamlined for the cast.

Available with a size 4/0 Matsu circle hook and a 4" braid or wire dongle attached.

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Manufacturer Cox & Rawle

Manufacturer: Cox & Rawle