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Deeper PRO+ Smart Castable Feature/Fish Finder Xmas Bundle

Deeper PRO+ Smart Castable Feature/Fish Finder Xmas Bundle provides all the information needed for choosing the optimum fishing position, with depths and underwater feature information relayed instantly back to a linked blue tooth device such as a smartphone or tablet.

This special Xmas Bundle (available while stocks last) provides even more value for money with a Gerber Dime 12 tool Multi-Plier, Deeper Smart Phone Rod Mount and Night Cover (approx. value £39.00 ($50.00) ) included free of charge!!

(Note - iOS 8.0 or Android 4.0 or above smartphone/tablet required.)

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The Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar contains a highly accurate internal GPS receiver that enables the device to create bathymetric maps of the bottom and allows you to access accurate feature and fish-finding data that was previously available only from boats.

With a Wi-Fi range reach up to 330ft (100m) and depth scanning from 2ft (0.5m) up to 260ft (80m), the PRO+ is supplied with higher scanning resolution and extended dynamic range that respectively allows you to capture more accurate detection of contours and even individual objects such as fish.

An Offline Maps feature facilitates underwater exploration where you can identify depth transitions with gradually shaded colour changes, and overall navigation. All bathymetric maps can be archived and accessed at any time to improve fishing location efficiency, enabling you to create layers of unlimited information and develop your own significantly accurate maps.

You don’t even need a Wi-Fi internet connection or mobile data at your fishing spot! The Deeper device has an internal Wi-Fi access point that you can connect to on your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is to turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connect to Deeper access point. You can connect your Deeper device in any location on Earth!

Choose the best suitable screen color mode corresponding to the time and brightness of day.

The Classic Screen Color Mode has a carbon background and provides a full scale colour palette to identify overall underwater action. Where green indicates underwater vegetation, orange to yellow scale show fish (the more intense yellow the stronger the sonar signal), dark brown to orange scale refers to a bottom (the more intense orange the stronger the sonar signal), blue points out to a water surface.

Day/Night Screen Color Mode contains an enhanced colour palette designed specifically to increase target separation and reduce underwater interference. Both day and night modes do not distinguish vegetation or fish, they’re based on the intensity of the sonar signals as is typical for professional boat equipment.

Weighing just 3.5oz (100g) and measuring 2.5" (65mm) in diameter, this compact device is suitable for use with standard rods and lines, and can be cast from the shore, lake or river bank or used from a boat or kayak. The result is the highest quality echo sounder data available in a single, compact wireless unit.

Supplied with two attachment bolts, one USB connection cable and a neoprene storage pouch.

This product can be purchased on up to 8 months interest free credit (subject to credit scored application). Please ring 02380 510077 for further details.

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