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Drennan Non-Toxic Waggler Weights

Non-Toxic Waggler Weights are essentially a precision engineered, brass drilled bullet type weight, with a soft silicone tubing insert that amazingly cast significantly further and with greater accuracy than traditional split shot, with the added bonus that they can't fall off the line!

A guaranteed game changer when fishing with unloaded wagglers!!

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Locked in place with float stops, Non-Toxic Waggler Weights have an unobtrusive olive finish, cannot come off the line and are easy to move when adjusting the depth of the float.

After extensive field testing by five time world champion Alan Scotthorne, they genuinely cast better and don’t dive as deep as loaded floats, representing a major advance in waggler fishing.

There are 12 sizes available to cover the most popular float sizes and each weight is size engraved and has a dead central bore which is lined with silicone tube to avoid reel line damage.

Available in 0.5g (6 per packet), 0.75g (6 per packet), 1.0g (6 per packet), 1.25g (6 per packet), 1.5g (6 per packet), 1.75g (6 per packet), 2.0g (4 per packet), 2.25g (4 per packet), 2.5g (4 per packet), 3.0g (4 per packet), 3.5g (4 per packet) and 4.0g (4 per packet) weights.


Manufacturer Drennan

Manufacturer: Drennan