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Drennan Super Spade Feeder Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooklengths

Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in water, sinks fast and holds bottom better than monofilament.  

Super Spade 1 Metre Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooklengths are the perfect 'heavy duty' choice for targeting big fish such as barbel, chub, tench and bream. Fishing the hook bait a full metre from the feeder often results in more bites especially on clear rivers and stillwaters.  

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Fluorocarbon features include:-

- Virtually invisible in water

- Abrasion resistant

- Stiffer, straighter and less prone to ‘spinning up’ than mono

Super Spade hook features include:- 

- Bronze

- Special bend

- Micro-barbed

- Forged

- Reversed

- Medium shank

- Chemically etched long needle point

Available in micro-barbed sizes 12 (to 6.4lb/0.22mm fluoro), 14 (to 5.6lb/0.20mm fluoro) or 16 (5lb/0.19mm fluro). 8 hooklengths per packet.

Manufacturer Drennan

Manufacturer: Drennan