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Korda 17ltr Kontainer System

The 17ltr Kontainer System is a clever idea that avoids the need to take multiple different bait buckets, in order to keep it separate.


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17 litres in size, the Kontainer System is supplied with four individual internal 3ltr Kontainers which can each be filled with different baits such as spod mix, pellets, boilies and particles. This means all the bait needed for a session can be carried in one bucket, keeping it dry and separated.

Each individual 3ltr Kontainer is air and water tight, meaning that liquids can safely be stored in them without fear of spillages, and particles left over at the end of a session, can be simply popped in the freezer ready for use on the next session. On a long session, taking spare Kontainers of bait out of the freezer just before going, ensures it stays fresher for longer.

Each 3ltr Kontainer features ¼ litre divisions on the side so that you can see exactly how much is left, and also allows making of precise spod mixes, with the same proportions used each time.  

The Kontainers are available separately and are stackable for easy storage, allowing complete versatility for a wide range of baits. In the case of non-perishables, they can even be used for storing bait in a vehicle, which is especially useful when on longer sessions as you only need to carry the bait needed for that day, then topping it up as and when required, rather than taking loads of different buckets.


Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda