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Korda BASIX Mini Stow Hanger Bite Indicators

A smaller version of the famous 'Stow' bobbins, which were developed on the banks of Elstow Lake and have been used by many members of Team Korda for years.

The principle behind this style of bobbin is that it can be fished with both tight and slack lines, with the line releasing from the clip on the side of it when a take occurs.

For that to happen the stainless steel ball chain, which it is fitted to, needs to be the same length as the bite alarm A detachable connector system allows easy adjustment so that it is compatible with virtually any make of buzzer (it is supplied at the correct length for use with a Delkim, or similar sized alarm).

Fitted with a stainless steel weight, but if necessary the 6g and 8g Korda Overweights, sold separately as part of the existing Stow range, can also be used with it.

The BASIX Mini Stow can be fitted with a mini isotope (available in seven different colours), and is fitted below the alarm using a moulded hockey stick, which the ball chain screws into. Available in a choice of red, green or blue colours.

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Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda