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Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights

Balancing Weights
Our new innovative pure tungsten interchangeable Dark Matter Balancing Weights are an
industry first! Created to sit over the barrel of a size 11 swivel, these precision engineered
weights counter-balance a buoyant hookbait on your chosen rig. Ideal for use with chod,
hinged stiff, and spinner rigs, they offer a neat alternative to putty. Made from pure
tungsten, which is much denser than other tungsten filled rubber products, they have an
amazing size to weight ratio which helps make the final rig neater.
The Dark Matter Balancing Weights can be used to counterbalance most pop-ups / buoyant
hookbaits, this is particularly helpful when using naked chod rigs where it can be tricky to
obtain the weight needed to sink the pop-up. They are also quickly inter-changeable, which
makes them perfect when trying to critically balance hookbaits. They do not wear and are
reusable, meaning they will last forever if not lost.
Available in five weights (0.30g – 0.50g) with each individual product laser etched with a
number to identify the weight i.e. 0.30g is labelled as 30. In addition, a ‘mixed pack’ is
available containing 15 weights (three of each size). With the mixed pack, you can try all of
the weights until you find one which is perfect, and then use the same size each time for
that particular hookbait.

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The Dark Matter Balancing Weights are the perfect solution when fishing waters that
contain crayfish as they cannot pull them off the rig.
They will fit over ALL Korda size 11 swivels - we have done everything we can to try and
control the tolerance of Korda size 11 swivel barrels, but sometimes they are a little tight to
push on fully by hand. We recommend using a Krimp Tool to carefully bring the balancing
weight and swivel together. Please note that they will not necessarily fit on competitors size
11 swivels, as sizes vary. Tungsten is a very hard material, it has little flex and therefore
cannot be easily forced onto oversized barrels.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda