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Korda Katapults

The incredibly popular Katapult has been re-designed to make it even better than before, and a new even lighter version has been added to the range.

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The colour of the Katapult frame is now different for each type of elastic –heavy (black); medium (green); and light (brown) –to make iteasy to quickly grab the right one out of your bag. The new ‘light’ catapult has replaced the old model -which has become the ‘medium’ in the range –and features even lighter elastic, along with a larger pouch than the other two models, and is ideal formass baiting with particles at closer ranges. Each Katapult features a lightweight hollow, yet very strong, nylon frame with a textured handle that has been ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably as well as allowing you to get a good grip,even with wet hands or ones covered in particle juice! The pouches feature drainage holes as well as extra strengthening around the area where it attaches to the elastic (which can be replaced and new elastic fitted to the connectors with ease), and are shaped to ensure that your bait lands where you want it to,allowingfor tight grouping with multiple boilies, tiger nuts or similar, when putting a few out at a time (filling the pouch will give a wider spread). A tag at the back of the pouch allows you toget a good grip, which improves accuracy as it isn’t slipping from your hand prematurely. Tangled elastics and twist have always been annoying when trying to put out larger amounts of bait, as it makes the process much slower, but that problem has been alleviated thanks to the use of size 10 ball bearing swivels and welded rings to connect the elastic the frame. Spare elastics and pouches are available separately for all three models.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda

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