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Korda Kiana Carp Goo Bait Additives

The Goo is a soak, a glug and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one package. The cloud of attraction that comes off bait treated with Goo has to be seen to be believed, and this is one of the attributes that makes the Goo so revolutionary.

Arriving soon for 2022, four new flavours to the legendary Goo range!! Dragons Breath Supreme, Golden Honey Supreme, Salami Smoke and White Squid Supreme.

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The feeding triggers and flavour combinations housed in the mysterious liquid have been carefully tweaked to provoke a strong feeding response in carp, wherever they are in the water column.

Available in two different viscosities to suit different situations.

Smokes (or Power Smokes) are exactly that, powerful and session changing. A few casts with the thick, clingy Smokes in your spod or on your PVA bags will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour and simply send fish into a frenzy around the area of your hook bait

Supremes (or Bait Smokes) are thinner and slightly softer in colour. Better for soaking into baits but just as effective and ideal for use in almost every situation. They are so natural smelling that their addition really can’t be overdone. Having said that, a bottle goes a very long way! Soak pellets, mix with water to dampen groundbait to add a unique edge, add Bait Smokes to PVA on their own or doubled up with Power Smokes, soak skinned tigers or glug boilies, the list of posibilities is endless!

Available in Tutti Frutti Power, Pineapple Power, Almond Power, Halibut Haze Power, Spicy Squid Power, Tiger Nut, Scopex Cream, Sherbert, White Almond, Outrageous Orange or Pinkberry Power Smokes and Pineapple Supreme, Corn Twist, Raspberry Plume, Almond Supreme, Garlic Supreme, Spicy Squid Supreme, Coconut Cream, King Crab Supreme, Mangonana Supreme, Bumbleberry Supreme, Wonderberry Supreme, Mystic Spice, Super Scopex Supreme, Buttercorn Supreme, White Almond Supreme, Isotonic or Krill Bait Smoke flavours.

New flavours for 2022!

Dragon's Breath Supreme

Get ready for a fiery blast of hot, spicy carp catching magic that turns any hook bait into a fireball of attraction. A hot blend of spices that come together to create a flavour you know carp love but can’t quite put your finger on… this is Dragons Breath. As you can imagine it is orange like flames and will make any bait you add it too taste and look fire.

Kiana Carp say this new flavour was another one the field testers tried to blag for themselves for another year. They just didn’t want to share this mythical pulling power of Dragon Breath Supreme after testing it for several years.

Golden Honey Supreme

Golden Honey Supreme Goo. Its creamy, buttery, honey flavour looks and smells as sweet as it tastes. Golden in name but not in colour this crimson red Goo can be used in many ways. Proven to work extremely well on particles, especially soaked tigers, Team Korda anglers across Europe have “loved it” during testing. 

Golden Honey Supreme is an extremely sweet, sticky Goo with that unmistakable potent honey scent. It’s not just restricted to use with particles, add it to hook baits, ground baits, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies. 

White Squid Supreme

Squid Supreme is now available in WHITE! This proven, naturally attractive flavour can now be used without changing the colour of the hook bait to pink. A request from Danny Fairbrass, the White Squid has been successfully tested over the past four years. Danny says “White Squid is an absolute winner!”

The White Squid Supreme is super potent, instantly recognisable and has proven irresistible to carp in the UK and across Europe. This Supreme variant is perfect for soaking hook baits in, over time penetrating deep into the chosen bait.

TIP: Appling over a long period of time creates a crusty, dusty washed out looking coating on the outside of hook baits so they literally ooze attraction both inside and out.

Salami Smoke

The first meat flavour Goo EVER! A deep, strong authentic Salami flavour which has proved brilliant in deep water lakes during testing, pulling the fish down to the Salami soaked hook baits. A very hard flavour to describe the spicy, sweet, hot and savoury flavours which combine in a perfect meaty mix to create Salami Smoke Goo.

The viscosity of Salami Smoke makes it ideal for adding to PVA bags before they are cast out, or for painting on to hook baits. It works well in colder water temperatures, below 16 degrees, as well as in warmer ones too.


Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda

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