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Korda Kiana Carp Goo Bait Additives

The Goo is a soak, a glug and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one package. The cloud of attraction that comes off bait treated with Goo has to be seen to be believed, and this is one of the attributes that makes the Goo so revolutionary.

New for 2021!! Three new exciting Supreme flavours!

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The feeding triggers and flavour combinations housed in the mysterious liquid have been carefully tweaked to provoke a strong feeding response in carp, wherever they are in the water column.

Available in two different viscosities to suit different situations.

Smokes (or Power Smokes) are exactly that, powerful and session changing. A few casts with the thick, clingy Smokes in your spod or on your PVA bags will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour and simply send fish into a frenzy around the area of your hook bait

Supremes (or Bait Smokes) are thinner and slightly softer in colour. Better for soaking into baits but just as effective and ideal for use in almost every situation. They are so natural smelling that their addition really can’t be overdone. Having said that, a bottle goes a very long way! Soak pellets, mix with water to dampen groundbait to add a unique edge, add Bait Smokes to PVA on their own or doubled up with Power Smokes, soak skinned tigers or glug boilies, the list of posibilities is endless!

Available in Tutti Frutti Power, Pineapple Power, Almond Power, Halibut Haze Power, Spicy Squid Power, Tiger Nut, Scopex Cream, Sherbert, White Almond, Outrageous Orange or Pinkberry Power Smokes and Pineapple Supreme, Corn Twist, Raspberry Plume, Almond Supreme, Garlic Supreme, Squid Supreme, Coconut Cream, King Crab Supreme, Mangonana Supreme, Bumbleberry Supreme, Wonderberry Supreme, Mystic Spice, Super Scopex Supreme, Buttercorn Supreme, White Almond Supreme, Isotonic or Krill Bait Smoke flavours.

New for 2021!! Three new exciting flavours! Bubble Gum Supreme, Jungle Juice Supreme and Moonshine Supreme.

Bubble Gum Supreme

A sweet, uplifting, fruity and unbelievably juicy aroma… this is Bubble Gum Supreme Goo! It has a mouth-watering fruity smell that is deceptively potent. Like some of the other super popular Goo (Isotonic and Pineapple) from Kiana, it has a translucent, yellow hue, giving it a subtle colouration that doesn’t dramatically change the appearance of the bait it is added to.
The Bubble Gum Supreme Goo can be used on its own, but also acts as the perfect sweetener. Combine this unique flavour with berry or citrus flavours to create your own custom combinations. For inspiration, just think of your favourite Bubble Gum flavours when you were growing up!

Jungle Juice Supreme

The Jungle Juice Goo Supreme is a tropical mix of sweet and sour citrus flavours. A quick smell will give you a strong ,zesty, fresh aroma - reminiscent of tropical fruit juice. The
unique citrus blend, subtle colouring, and abundance of essential oils, help to make Jungle Juice Goo an immediate future classic.

Ali Hamidi has always hailed the magic of citrus flavours, and during the most recent Monster Carp trip to The Graviers, in France, he used the Jungle Juice to catch fish up to 60lb+ for the cameras. Jungle Juice Goo Supreme has a very light, subtle hue and won’t change your hook bait colour dramatically, unless they are white - in the same way other Goo can.

Being a ‘Supreme’ variant, it has a thinner consistency that allows it to soak into the core of your hook baits and/or cover your loose feed perfectly. Once in the water they will slowly leak a powerful blend of the Jungle Juice Goo’s sweet, acidic, citrus ingredients and attractants.

Kiana have explained that during testing, Jungle Juice had an “extreme wow factor” when it comes to catching fish.

Moonshine Supreme

 ‘Moonshine’ Supreme has a grainy, whiskey-style flavour, reminiscent of your favourite tipple from Tennessee, in terms of its look and smell.

An old school classic, whiskey flavours have a proven track record for catching carp. Moonshine Supreme Goo contains no alcohol, but you would be forgiven for thinking that the carefully crafted flavour and smell would be at home in a shot glass!

Moving beyond the light-hearted name, Moonshine uses natural blends of ingredients to make up this unique smell and taste profile, and will generate quick bites. Light in colour, and potent in flavour… a quick smell really does hit the back of your throat and takes your breath away, just like a real shot of whiskey.

Moonshine Goo Supreme is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters, which can be used in any water temperature. PLUS why not try a shot of ‘Moonshine’ in your Solidz PVA bags.

115ml bottles.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda