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Korda Micro Rig Swivels

Micro rig swivels are perfect for use with the Claw Rig and D-rigs.

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Micro rig swivels offer better hooking qualities than a solid ring because it allows the hookbait to spin; this stops the rotation of the hookbait preventing the hook from turning inwards and catching hold in the fish's mouth as easily. If you think about the bait and hook in the fishes mouth, as the hooklink is tightened the bait will be dragged a little before the hook catches hold, if it is attached to a solid ring the hook will stop turning into the flesh when the solid ring stops swivelling against the D of the D rig. A micro rig swivel on the other hand will not stop the hook turning in because it does not stop the hook turning at all. 20 per packet.
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Manufacturer Korda
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Manufacturer: Korda