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Korda MkII Bait-Up Method Feeder

The classic original Korda Bait-Up Method feeder has now been updated with some modern twists.

It retains many of the features that made the original so good, including the weighted fin that ensures that it always lands the right way up and the hook bait will always fall away from the feeder, increasing your chances of a quick bite.

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The one piece design makes it very strong and durable, and incorporates a bait disc at the front that helps to ensure that the hook bait stays in place until the feeder reaches the lake or river bed.

The soft insert will fit any size 8 Korda swivel - including the Quick Change ones which are popular with this style of fishing – and creates a safe bolt rig, with a tail rubber neatly finishing off the back end of the feeder.

As long as bait is moulded evenly around the feeder, it is incredibly stable in flight and will cast a long way.

Like the original this is set to become a favourite with anyone who fishes the Method, which is still one of the most popular and effective set-ups, especially on 'bagging' venues. It will also be popular with specimen anglers targeting species such as tench, barbel and bream.

Available in 1¼oz (35g) or 1¾oz (50g) casting weights.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda