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Korda Naked Tail Rubbers

The perfect product to use when fishing a lead clip “naked” i.e. not using rig tubing or leadcore.

Primarily designed for use with zig rigs when using a lead clip, these “naked” tail rubbers will help avoid tangles associated with this type of fishing. There is no need to use anti-tangle tubing as the rig is nearly always going to be longer than the tubing.

Traditionally when using a standard tail rubber and no tubing, the difference in diameter can cause the zig rig to tangle around the mainline.

These specially designed Naked Tail Rubbers have a long tail that tapers down to a tiny bore, creating a seamless join to the main line. They can be used will all Korda lead clips including Hybrid lead clips.

Available in Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay colours. 10 per packet.

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Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda