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Korda Ready Made Spinner Rigs

These Ready Made Spinner Rigs are the perfect solution for angler's who don’t have the time or confidence to tie their own. 

Korda consultant Tom Dove says “This is the most efficient carp rig I have ever used! I cast this out with extreme confidence as it does everything you wish a rig to do; it has superb hooking potential, and you can even change the hook quickly without having to tie a new rig.”

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This Spinner Hook rig version uses the hook pattern designed purposely for use with the Spinner Rig, as the 55-degree eye angle follows the direction of a kicker which enables the hook to sit perfectly when used with a buoyant hook bait. Furthermore, the long, curved shank opens the gape of the hook when mounted on the Spinner Swivel offering the very best hooking potential.

These Spinner rigs feature a 5½” Boom hook link with a Spinner hook attached via one of Korda's Spinner Swivels which has been crimped on to provide a very strong connection.

At the other end is a crimped loop which can be attached to any of quick-change style systems.

The rig can be used multiple times simply by changing the hook, which is very easy to do. 

Available in micro-barbed or barbless sizes, 4, 5 or 6. 2 per packet.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda

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