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Korda Textured Square Pear Inline Leads

Released due to public demand, these leads are made using a combination of coating granules that produce a great matt finish camouflage.

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So, what are the advantages of a textured lead?

Well, the coating is matt, so it simply won’t reflect light in the same way as a conventionally coated lead. Also, the textured finish will pick up sediment from the lake bed, adding to the overall subtle effect. In fact, these leads get better and better with use!

The characteristics that allow the leads to take on sediment will also allow the leads to absorb flavours, glugs or dips. Leaving a few leads to soak in Goo is sure to add an extra dimension of attraction.

Available in 2oz, 2.5oz or 3oz weights.

Manufacturer Korda

Manufacturer: Korda

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