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Korum Bopper Bait Droppers

Bopper bait droppers are the ultimate, accurate, feed bait delivery system, featuring an innovative aerodynamic design, unlike the traditional flat, round design normally used.

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The Bopper has been designed to be very aerodynamic, with a rocket shaped profile that flies through the air and the water freely. The fins at the rear stabilize it, aiding extreme accuracy.

Featuring a unique weighting system, interchangeable weights can be used to adjust the dive speed and weight of the Bopper. This is available in an internal loading port, hidden inside the nose cone. The weights are doughnut shaped and load onto the internal stem. They can be locked into place with a small handwheel inside the nose, giving the user the ability, for the first time, to finely adjust the weight of their bait dropper.

The main cavity section is made of two parts and spring loaded to open when the Bopper hits the lake or river bed. The stainless steel pin pushes up inside the body to open the trap door, springing it open to deposit the contents.  The body itself has holes in, to make it much easier to retrieve in fast-flowing water.

Loading bait inside is easy and due to the shape of the main cavity, a lot more bait can be put in.

Available in standard or XL sizes to suit different feed requirements, each version can be used with or without weighting inside, as required.

The ability to make the Bopper heavier if necessary is a game changer and sure to suit river and feeder anglers of all types.

The standard model is supplied with a 30g base weight plus two additional 30g weights, while the XL size has a 60g base weight and three additional 30g weights.

Manufacturer Korum

Manufacturer: Korum

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