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Drennan X-Tough Shot Resistant Hook Length Mono

X-Tough Shot Resistant Hook Length Mono is exceptionally supple and flexible. It’s also really tough, durable and highly resistant to abrasion and shot damage, making it the ideal rig line and hook length material for float, feeder and pole.

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Compact 50m spools quote correct diameter and achievable knot strength, rather than linear strength, because there aren’t many rigs without knots!

Available as:-

- 1lb 4oz/0.57kg (0.08mm)

- 1lb 10oz/0.74kg (0.09mm)

- 2lb/0.91kg (0.10mm)

- 2lb 8oz/1.13kg (0.12mm)

- 3lb/1.36kg (0.13mm)

- 3lb 8oz/1.59kg (0.14mm)

- 4lb/1.81kg (0.15mm)

- 5lb/2.27kg (0.16mm)

- 6lb/2.72kg (0.18mm)

- 7lb/3.18kg (0.20mm)

- 8lb/3.63kg (0.22mm)

- 10lb/4.5kg (0.24mm)

All breaking strains supplied on 50m spools.

Manufacturer Drennan

Manufacturer: Drennan