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Nash Tackle Triggalink Elasticated Hook Link

Triggalink is a revolutionary, self-hooking braid that outsmarts the most difficult carp.

Invented by Kevin Nash, Triggalink is the stretching hook link that bites back and guaranteed to dramatically increase your run to hook-up ratio.

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A unique way to outsmart the most riggy carp, Triggalink is a supple braid interwoven with PVA to produce a stretching, elastic like link material.

Loading hook points differently when a carp pulls Triggalink tight to the lead, and reaching a critical stretch point where hooks are almost catapulted in, carp simply don’t know how to deal with the elasticity of Triggalink.

Triggalink’s stretch is the best defence yet against wary carp that have learned to shake their heads violently to bounce hooks out. Triggalink absorbs the most violent shake of the link and lead, simply driving the hook in yet further. Triggalink becomes ‘primed’ and elasticated when it gets wet, but amazingly, once dried the hook link reverts back to the characteristics of a normal non-stretch braid.

Improving hook-holds, especially when fishing barbless hooks or in weed Triggalink is possibly the greatest edge there has ever been in hook link technology.

Available in 15lb (6.80kg), 20lb (9.07kg), 25lb (11.33kg) or 30lb (13.6kg) breaking strains. 20m per spool.

Manufacturer Nash Tackle

Manufacturer: Nash Tackle