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Nash Tackle Siren R4 Receiver

The R4 Receiver offers accurate high power remote performance at ranges over 750 metres – with exact tone replication, and exact LED colour replication from each programmed R4 head.


The R4 Receiver and alarms are available to pre-order now, with stock due to arrive in early November. Please call us on 02380510077 for further details.


RRP £241.99


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In addition the R4 Receiver controls the R4’s unique Homecoming Mode. The rear LED on one R4 alarm can be selected and illuminated as a direction guide, or all R4 rear LEDs can be illuminated simultaneously to show exactly where alarms are positioned and to help navigate safely between lines – a routine hazard when returning from a boat battle or dropping a rig.

In most circumstances the feature is a great practical help, but in extreme weather, fog, big winds and driving rain or when long battles can easily disorientate you it is a safety feature that sets the R4 Receiver and R4 alarm combination apart.

Using the same high power transmission as the remote signal between R4 alarms and Receiver the rear LED function can be triggered from up to 750 metres to illuminate your alarms and light your way back to your swim no matter how far from base camp you find yourself.


  • Accurate high power remote performance – over 750 metres subject to atmospheric conditions
  • USB-C charge and recharge, guide run time between charges is 20 weeks
  • Full R4 Receiver recharge cycle 4 hours
  • Precise tone and LED colour replication from paired R4 alarms
  • Variable volume control
  • 4 Channel remote pairing with single R4 alarms
  • Additional 5th Buddy Channel to pair up to 32 further R4 alarms
  • Three mute/vibrate/LED configurations
  • Low battery warning
  • Remote activation of Homecoming Mode – range up to 750 metres subject to atmospheric conditions
  • Anti theft alarm
  • Supplied with lanyard and clip
  • Fold out stand for bivvy tables or Bank life Organisers
  • Matt black soft touch rubber finish

NOTE: Battery life is influenced by multiple factors, all quoted figures are subject to influence by external factors.

NOTE: Your R4 Receiver will have a unique 7 character code inside the battery compartment. You will need this serial number to register your alarm.

EAN 5055108929819
Manufacturer Nash Tackle

Manufacturer: Nash Tackle