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Nash Tackle Skyline Long Distance Casting Mono Main Line

Nash Tackle Skyline Long Distance Casting Mono Main Line: Maximise Your Casting Potential

Unlock the full potential of your casting with the Nash Tackle Skyline Long Distance Casting Mono Main Line, an extreme casting monofilament engineered for anglers who understand that every yard counts. This line is designed for scenarios where precision casting is key to outperforming the competition or conquering venues that challenge your casting range.

Key Features:

  • Extreme Casting Performance: A line crafted for anglers aiming to achieve maximum distance, making it ideal for competition and challenging venues.
  • Specialist and Uprated Options: Choose from a 0.26mm line for exceptional casts beyond 200 yards, or opt for the robust 0.35mm line designed for long-range work where abrasion resistance is crucial without the need for leaders.
  • Dual Colour Options: Available in low visibility clear for stealthy approaches and high visibility yellow with UV reflective properties, making it easy to track your line both day and night.

Whether you're facing dense weed beds, navigating obstacles, or simply need that extra distance to reach where the fish are hiding, the Skyline line offers a balance between casting distance and durability. Its innovative design ensures you don’t have to compromise on performance, giving you the edge you need for success in any condition. Available now at Poingdestres, the Skyline Long Distance Casting Mono Main Line is a must-have for serious anglers pushing the boundaries of their casting capabilities.

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The Skyline range includes a specialist 0.26mm line capable of 200 yard casts and more, to a deliberately uprated 0.35mm line for long range work without leaders, or where weed and obstacles demand a balance between casting distance and abrasion resistance.

Available in 8lb (3.62kg/0.26mm), 10lb (4.53kg/0.28mm), 12lb (5.44kg/0.30mm) or 15lb (6.8kg/0.35mm) breaking strains. All available in a low visibility clear colour. 1000m spools.


Manufacturer Nash Tackle

Manufacturer: Nash Tackle