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Nashbait Seed Mix Particles

Nashbait Seed Mix Particles contain a blend of different sized seeds enhanced with Himalayan Rock Salt that improves nutritional value with minerals and trace elements.


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Available in small or large seed sizes, the small is a blend of seven mini seeds including Hemp, Tares, Dari and Millet.

The classic carpet feed seed mix – based on bird seed mixes but with invaluable input from Nashbait legend Gary Bayes to only include the seeds that carp respond best to. Encouraging prolonged and competitive feeding for long periods Small Seed Mix is known best as the choice for big numbers of carp, big hits and heavy feeding to maximise results but a handful in the edge is just as deadly – ask Oli Davies!

The Large Seed Mix is a blend of Maple Peas, Chick Peas and Red and Yellow Maize. 

A timeless combination that prevents carp becoming preoccupied on tiny food items – with the added benefit that all of the constituents can be used as hook baits for perfect match the hatch presentation.

A great performer in all water temperatures, and proven to reduce the appeal of a baited area to nuisance catfish, poisson chat or crayfish whilst still encouraging aggressive feeding in carp. Excellent for prebaiting, and with a great track record for appealing to commons that rarely visit the bank when targeted with more mainstream baits.

Both Seed Mix blends include Himalayan Rock Salt that enhances the taste and improves nutrition with valuable minerals and trace elements.

Nashbait Particles are fresh produce, cooked within sealed containers for a lengthy shelf life and optimum convenience. 

Both sizes of Seed Mix blends are available as a handy 500ml, or bulk 2.5 litre, jar providing a quantity for any session length and any application.

Manufacturer Nashbait

Manufacturer: Nashbait