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Preston Innovations Supera X Feeder Rods

Designing a premium range of rods which meets the demands of modern feeder fishing techniques is never an easy task. The Supera X range has taken over 2 years to develop, but the finished product is simply outstanding!

Preston Innovations lost count of the number of samples that were tested by Des Shipp & Lee Kerry before they finally settled on the finished design, and they now believe this range of rods are simply the best they’ve ever produced!


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A key part of the Supera X range is the X wrap carbon weave. This super strong wrap reduces the overall diameter of the blank while providing an epic fish and casting action, a simply outstanding feat of engineering.

Minima guides also feature on every model, reducing weight & adding extra distance to every cast due to reduced friction and a wider diameter.

As with all Preston premium rods, the Supera X feature flat EVA/cork handles which are finished off with the Supera X logo engraved into the EVA.

A premium set of rods featuring the renowned P.I. progressive Carbonactive action, which look and perform like nothing else on the market!

Available in 9ft, 10ft, 11ft or 12ft lengths.

9ft Supera X Feeder - A superb rod designed for the shorter intimate casts that are commonly found on commercial fisheries, especially snake lakes. A soft progressive action blends seamlessly through the blank, ideal for battling hard fighting fish and preventing hook pulls.

Casts up to 30g. Supplied with three carbon quiver tips, ¾oz, 1oz & 1½oz.

10ft Supera X Feeder - A progressive action makes the 10ft model ideal for playing all sizes of fish, especially when under the rod tip. Ideally suited to casts up to 30m, this rod has proven to be Des Shipp’s favourite model for all his commercial carp fishing.

Casts up to 30g. Supplied with three carbon quiver tips, ¾oz, 1oz & 1½oz.

11ft Supera X Feeder - The ultimate all-rounder, perfect for use on both commercial & natural venues. A superb progressive action makes casting all types of feeders a breeze, making this rod the go to choice for the angler who fishes a variety of venues.

Casts up to 45g. Supplied with three carbon quiver tips, 1oz, 1½oz & 2oz.

Supera X 12ft Feeder - Designed to cast in excess of 60m, this rod features a powerful progressive action, ideally suited to propelling larger feeders. This has proven to be Lee Kerry’s favourite model for a variety of styles of fishing and distances. The three-piece design allows the blank to bend seamlessly, preventing hook pulls at the netting stage.

Casts up to 60g. Supplied with three carbon quiver tips, 1½oz, 2oz & 2½oz.


Manufacturer Preston Innovations

Manufacturer: Preston Innovations