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Shimano SpeedMaster 14000XTD Big Pit Reel

The SpeedMaster 14000XTD Big Pit Reel is a stunning long range carp reel that offers remarkable value.

Containing gearing and long cast technology taken directly from more expensive class-leading Shimano models, the understated ‘stealth’ finish fits perfectly with all Tribal TX Carp rods.

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Features include:-

- HAGANE construction for built-in toughness and durability to withstand continual use and extreme abuse.

- Ci4+ is a carbon fibre reinforced resin based material that reduces weight without sacrificing rigidity and durability, enabling a smaller body size.

- HAGANE GEAR for a long lasting smoothness, strength, lightness and power.

- RIGIDCAST minimizes deflection of the reel caused by large impacts during the cast, improving casting distance and accuracy.

- SILENTDRIVE provides ultra smooth and quiet reel rotation.

- G FREE BODY moves the centre of gravity closer to the user's hand thereby reducing fatigue and enhancing casting comfort.

- PARALLEL BODY improves dynamic line flow from the reel, reducing line slap to the butt ring and improving casting performance.

- AR-C SPOOL has a special spool ring shape creating a rectifying effect on the line improving casting performance.

Gear ratio - 4.3:1

Line cap. - 400m/0.40mm

EAN 8717009881982
Manufacturer Shimano

Manufacturer: Shimano