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Sonik SIZZLA Deep Multi-Pan Set

Elevate your outdoor culinary experience with the SONIK SIZZLA Multi-Pan Set Deep, the ultimate multi-purpose cooking solution for those seeking versatility and efficiency. This innovative cooking system stands out in the market for its ability to cater to a vast array of cooking needs, thanks to its comprehensive design. The set features a SIZZLA multi-pan, which not only acts as a lid but can also be detached and used as a separate pan, thanks to the robust D-Hinges. With a 30mm depth and a broad rectangular profile, it offers ample space for cooking a variety of ingredients.

The deep base pan is crafted to serve as a versatile saucepan, making it ideal for boiling pasta, simmering rice, stewing curries, or whipping up stir-fry dishes. When used with the multi-pan lid, your cooking options expand, allowing for a multitude of dishes to be prepared in a clean, quick, and efficient manner.

Portability is at the heart of the SIZZLA system, featuring removable handles that integrate the ultra-secure T-Lock attachment system. This low-profile design ensures the entire set can be neatly tucked away in even the most compact of cook kits. To complement this set, SONIK includes a pair of highly versatile multi-purpose tongs, which not only attach to the handles for convenient access during cooking but can also be split into two separate utensils as needed.

Discover the SONIK SIZZLA Multi-Pan Set Deep, your indispensable partner for outdoor cooking adventures, promising versatility, efficiency, and convenience. Now available at Poingdestres, the UK's premier destination for quality outdoor and fishing equipment.


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The SIZZLA Multi-Pan Set has been designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose cooking solution and is ideal for anyone wanting the most versatile sealed cooking system on the market.

Consisting of a shallow frying pan and a deep saucepan really opens up options for cooking various dishes in a quick, clean and efficient manner.

Of course, Sonik's strengthened D-Hinges allow the pans to be separated and provide the option of both pans being used independently. 

The deep base pan has been designed to function as a multi-use saucepan and is the perfect size for pasta, rice, stew, curry or stir-fry dishes. 

Features include:-

- Lightweight die-cast aluminium pan

- Heavy duty fluoropolymer non-stick coating

- Two pans provided. One shallow frying pan and one deep saucepan

- Removable handles for easy storage

- Super tough T-lock handle attachment system

- Removable spring lock closer for easy transport

- Low profile hexagonal heat exchange base

- Strengthened D-Hinge allows multiple pans to join together

- Multi-utensil tongs included

- Not suitable for use on induction hobs

Approx. transport dimensions - 23cm (w) x 22.5cm (d) x 11.8cm (h)

Approx. assembled dimensions - 23cm (w) x 39.5cm (d) x 11.8cm (h)

Approx. capacity - 1 x 1.1ltr plus 1 x 3.2ltr

(Prices quoted in this video are at the time it was made and may vary.)

EAN 5055279528699
Manufacturer Sonik

Manufacturer: Sonik

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