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Sonubaits Fin Perfect 2mm/4mm Stiki Method Pellets

Fin Perfect 2mm/4mm Stiki Method Pellets take the hassle out of getting the perfect feeder pellet consistency every time with these pre-prepared Fin Perfect feed pellets.

Getting the perfect pellets for method feeder fishing is a constant battle. Inconsistencies in pellet product consistency means even the best anglers get it wrong from time to time.

Previously, Sonubait's Stiki Pellet Powder was the perfect solution but now they have managed to integrate the powder and pre-treat their Fin Perfect feed pellets to ensure perfect 'sticky' pellets everytime.

After wetting the dry pellets with the recommended quantity of water, the pellets are ready to use after just 15 minutes, perfect for sticking around the method feeder, or cupping in on the pole.

Available in 2mm or 4mm sizes and Fin Perfect unflavoured and F1 flavour, or 2mm size in Banoffee, Chocolate Orange, Krill & Squid or Salted Caramel flavours. 650g bag.


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Manufacturer Sonubaits

Manufacturer: Sonubaits