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Sonubaits ONE to ONE Pastes

Mixing traditional paste has never been easy, but ONE to ONE solves this problem, producing perfectly textured paste every single time.

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ONE to ONE paste is so easy to mix; simply use the same amount of powdered paste mix and water. Pour them both into a bait tub and mix thoroughly, this creates a very sloppy mix but simply leave for 30 minutes and it will absorb all of the water and create the perfect paste for fishing on a pole.

Included in each bag of ONE to ONE paste is a free paste pot designed to ship out the paste on the pole. These have been designed by Andy Findlay and he recommends that you place a few Fin Perfect Feed Pellets in the bottom of the pot before shipping out to help feed your swim.

Available in Natural, Banoffee, Bloodworm Fishmeal, Chocolate Orange, Green, F1, Krill, Power Scopex, Salted Caramel or Supercrush Green flavours. 500g bag.

Manufacturer Sonubaits

Manufacturer: Sonubaits

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