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Thinking Anglers Sub-Fleck Dark Camo 45lb Lead Free PTFE Leader

Sub-Fleck is a soft, natural feeling, incredibly heavy spliceable leader material, that is manufactured from 100% PTFE fibres.

Extremely fast sinking, it offers high-level strength and abrasion resistance, whilst remaining very smooth and supple, and is extremely easy to splice securely.  


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The ‘Dark Camo’ flecked weave offers amazing camouflage, blending ineffectively against almost any aquatic background.

Sub-Fleck retains its colour extremely well because the PTFE fibres themselves are coloured, as opposed to being over-dyed which inevitably fades much faster in use.

Sub-Fleck feels is natural to the touch, so carp feeding near the rig are less aware of the terminal tackle. It’s a fantastic alternative to leadcore when used conventionally and is also a material that excels when being used as a long Chod leader, for fishing chods or balanced baits high on weed.

Available on 10m or 20m spools.

*Note - Thinking Angler's Leadcore Safety Top Beads work perfectly with this material, helping you construct bullet-proof and safe leaders.

Manufacturer Thinking Anglers

Manufacturer: Thinking Anglers