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Trakker dB7-R 3 Rod Remote Bite Alarm Set

The dB7-R 3 Rod Remote Bite Alarm Set has been developed over 5 years with complete design from the ground up. It has been created to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Trakker's design team has worked tirelessly to integrate advanced features and technology into these alarms, resulting in a product for anglers who demand the very best. They are much more than just an ‘off the shelf’ product with some branding on the outer case.



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An industry first feature, PPS (Power-On Protection System) prevents accidental power ups and wasted battery life. This feature ensures that the alarms are always ready to use when needed and you never have to worry about running out of power at a critical moment.

The dB-Mag Roller has 8 precision magnets and a high-performance O-ring, providing true indication for all conditions. Incorporating Trakker's ISM (Intelli-Sense Mode) into all sensitivity settings eliminates false indications, allowing you to fish effectively in extreme conditions. Combat crashing waves, high winds, and boat fishing scenarios without compromising vital indication information when it’s needed most.

Built with a tough ABS weatherproofed case and battery compartment, the digital circuitry and internal component weatherproofing further ensures that these alarms will perform reliably in all conditions.

The SRT (Sync-connect Receiver Technology) built into these alarms and receiver is designed for long range and obstacle link signal optimisation. This advanced technology ensures a strong and reliable signal, no matter the terrain or obstacles in the way.

The alarms and receiver feature a Tru-tone cone speaker for loud frequency delivery, as well as a dual descent tone drop back differential for enhanced audible indication.

The dual super bright multi-colour LEDs are easily change from red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and white, and the peak view LED positioning further enhances the visual indication from side on viewing positions.

Features also include a one touch night light function, solid latching LED forward indication, flashing latching LED drop back indication, dedicated indexed volume control wheel (8 volume settings including silent), indexed tone control wheel (8 tone settings), indexed sensitivity control wheel (8 sensitivity settings), power out socket (2.5mm) for use with illuminated indicators, and low battery warning.

Ther are also rod friendly rubber inlay grips, a rigid 3/8" stainless steel thread and a blackout locking nut.

A single PP3 9V battery makes the alarms easy to use and maintain with the single 9V power source ensuring longer life and better signal strength.

The db7-R receiver is designed to pair seamlessly with the dB7-R alarms, and has been engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and most importantly, ease of use.

Easily connect and update alarms (up to 4 per channel, 16 in total), and customise your set-up to suit individual preferences.

The alarm tone and LED colours are automatically replicated on the receiver when adjusted on the alarms, and it has an in built memory that allows batteries in the alarms and the receiver itself to be replaced without having to reprogram them again.

The Tru-tone cone speaker ensures loud frequency delivery when required, and Trakker's D-Vibe vibration setting transmits a pulse per bleep in both audible and silent modes. The LER (Last Event Recall) function indicates the last event sent to the receiver, ensuring that you never miss an occurrence even if you’re a bit slow to wake up to an indication at night.

The indexed volume control wheel (8 volume settings, including silent) ensures that you can adjust the sound level to your preference; this feature is audible on the receiver.

A low battery warning ensures that you are always aware of the battery levels. The receiver will indicate via LED flashes which alarm is low on battery or if it's own battery is running low.

The ergonomic self standing case design makes it easy to use on a bivvy table, bucket lid, or any other flat surface you decide to put it on. Alternatively, it can be carried anywhere with the supplied lanyard.

The receiver is powered the same as the alarm, with a single PP3 9V battery.

EAN 5056618305155
Manufacturer Trakker

Manufacturer: Trakker