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Trakker Tempest RS 200 Shelter Skull Cap

The Trakker Tempest RS 200 Skull Cap

Enhance the functionality of your Tempest RS shelter with the innovative Tempest RS 200 Skull Cap. Specifically designed to complement the Trakker Tempest RS 200, this accessory is a must-have for anglers seeking to optimise their shelter's performance across all seasons.

Key Features:

  • Extended Peak Coverage: Increases the peak's length for enhanced protection around the door area, shielding you effectively from the elements.
  • Shade Creation: Offers much-needed shade, significantly lowering the internal temperature of your shelter during the peak of summer for a cooler, more comfortable environment.
  • Dual-Layer Insulation: Improves insulation within the shelter, markedly reducing the likelihood of condensation and ensuring a more comfortable stay.
  • Aquatexx™ Fabric: Crafted from an advanced Aquatexx™ multi-layer fabric, the Skull Cap provides unparalleled water repellency, breathability, and includes a black-out pigment for ultimate privacy.
  • Upgraded Features: The RS model introduces enhanced guttering for efficient water management and two magnetic rod straps for added convenience.

The Tempest RS 200 Skull Cap is not merely an accessory; it's an upgrade that transforms your fishing experience, ensuring that your shelter remains comfortable and functional, no matter the weather conditions. Available now at Poingdestres, this Skull Cap is the perfect addition to your Trakker Tempest RS 200 shelter, setting you up for success on every fishing trip.


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Features include:-

- Creates an extended peak to offer additional protection from the elements

- Increases shade and keeps the shelter cooler in the summer months

- Twin-skin reduces condensation by creating a cavity

- Rain gutter directs water out to the sides of the shelter

- Easy to fit; no additional clips or pegs are required

- Dual magnetic rod straps

- Enhanced Aquatexx fabric; multi-layer breathable system with superior water repellency and black-out pigment to reduce light and heat ingress

- Supplied with Aquatexx drawstring bag

Technical Specification:-

Material: Aquatexx

Hydrostatic Head Rating: 25000mm

Approx. weight:- 1.45kg

Approx. transport size:- 34cm (l) x 13cm dia.

EAN 5056618306404
Manufacturer Trakker

Manufacturer: Trakker