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Trakker Tempest RS Brolly

The Trakker Tempest RS Brolly: The Ultimate 'Easy-Erect' Shelter

The Trakker Tempest RS Brolly revolutionises the concept of the 'easy-erect' shelter, offering anglers an even better experience with its innovative design and enhanced features. This shelter combines the best in rapid setup technology with functionality and comfort, making it an indispensable companion for any fishing trip.

Core Features:

  • Patented Hinge Block: The foundation of the Tempest RS Brolly's quick and easy setup, ensuring a hassle-free assembly.
  • Rapid Knuckle System: Further enhancing setup time and usability, this system allows all five main poles to lock into position with a single, fluid action, simplifying the erection of your shelter.
  • Built-In Peak: A design feature aimed at minimising water ingress around the door, with the option to extend this coverage through the addition of a Skull Cap for enhanced protection.
  • Optimised Rear Design: A flatter rear profile offers a perfect balance between maximising internal storage space, fitting into swims, and improving aerodynamics for stability.
  • Adaptive Ventilation®: With six vents strategically placed for optimal airflow (four at the rear and two at the front), this feature ensures ventilation even during rain, maintaining comfort inside the shelter.
  • Cooling Technology: The rear vents can be extended to create shaded areas, significantly lowering the internal temperature, especially when combined with a Skull Cap.
  • Ample Storage: Includes four internal pockets for organised storage of essentials, with front pockets featuring hanging loops for quick access during sudden weather changes.

The Trakker Tempest RS Brolly sets a new standard in shelter design, offering anglers a blend of speed, convenience, and functionality that is unmatched. Whether facing down the midsummer heat or unexpected rain showers, this brolly ensures that your focus remains on fishing, not on battling the elements. Discover the pinnacle of 'easy-erect' shelters with the Trakker Tempest RS Brolly, now available at Poingdestres—your trusted source for premium fishing gear.


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Additional Rapid Shelter (RS) enhancements include a built-in peak to minimise water ingress in and around the door and this peak can be increased even further to allow even more coverage with the addition of a Skull Cap (available separately). The rear of the shelter has been made even flatter than its predecessor, striking an optimal balance between internal storage space, the ability to fit into swims and aerodynamics.

Airflow through the shelter has been improved with Adaptive Ventilation on six vents (four on the rear and two on the front), facilitating air flow even when it is raining. To help stay cooler in the height of summer, the four rear vents can be pegged out to create areas of shade, which, when used in partnership with a Skull Cap, and can reduce the internal temperature by several degrees.

For optimal storage, there are four internal pockets, two on each side and two at the front. Those at the front have a hanging loop where essentials such as a receiver or even a jacket for a speedy exit in inclement weather conditions can be stored.

Features include:-

- Advanced GRP composite block: lightweight, super strong and fatigue resistant

- Rapid Knuckle System allows easy assembly and includes built-in optional Skull Cap mounts

- Enhanced Aquatexx‚ fabric; multi-layer breathable system with superior 25k hydrostatic head water repellency and black-out pigment to reduce light and heat ingress

- Adaptive Ventilation to reduce condensation and lower temperatures

- Vent covers can be pegged out with Trakker's Cool Guys (available separately) to maximise airflow and increase shade

- Peak minimises water ingress in and around the door area

- Black textured powder coated anti-twist poles

- Flatter back for optimised storage

- Tall design offers increased headroom

- Two magnetic rod straps

- Four internal mesh storage pockets

- Two internal hanging points

- Supplied with an oversized heavy-duty NXG carry bag, groundsheet, tension strap, clear window, two Quicksticks and T-pegs

Technical specification:-

Material: Aquatexx

Hydrostatic Head Rating: 25000mm

Approx. dimensions:- 140cm (h) x 250cm (w) x 210cm (d)

Approx. transport dimensions:- 126cm (l) x 22cm dia.

Approx. weight:- 7.45kg (plus pegs, Quicksticks, and carry bag weighing 2.8kg) 

Total combined weight: 10.25kg

EAN 5056618307524
Manufacturer Trakker

Manufacturer: Trakker