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Avid Carp Lok Down Landing Net Holder

Being able to safely retain your landing net whilst you are fishing has a number of advantages. Having your net in situ whilst you are fishing makes for easy netting.

Secondly if retaining slings are banned, being able to safely keep your net at the water's edge means your quarry remains safe with no risk of escape or any damage coming to your net. The retaining strap gives peace of mind that the largest of fish will remain safe whilst you ready your carp care and weighing equipment.



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Features include:-

- Anti-Twist design

- Easy slot in-and-out operation

- Retaining strap for maximum security with the biggest of fish

- Universal sizing will house most net handle diameters

- Compact lightweight design

EAN 506317716320
Manufacturer Avid Carp

Manufacturer: Avid Carp