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CC Moore Squid Hydro

Squid Hydro is a highly soluble natural bait additive that can be used as a boilie or hookbait ingredient to deliver valuable nutrients, attractors and palatability enhancers.


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This unique, pungent smelling liquid is also superb for coating boilies, pellets and hookbaits and adding to loose feed mixes to boost their attraction.

Squid Hydro properties:-

  • Completely natural, thick, silt-black squid liquid

  • A pungent, rich, savoury natural squid aroma

  • A savoury, earthy natural ‘umami’ type taste

  • Contains highly soluble, amino acid-packed squid protein.

  • Creates an incredible, black, inky cloud of attraction in your swim

  • High solubility and digestibility - designed for year-round use

  • Superb for silt colour-matching boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds

  • PVA friendly so ideal in bag and stick mixes

  • Dense liquid - also penetrates the lakebed for lasting pulling power

  • pH 3.9 – strongly acidic 

  • 500ml bottle


Use up to 30ml/kg in boilie, particle, PVA bag and spod mixes; also, superb for using alone in PVA bags and for boosting freebies, pellets and glugging hookbaits for intense natural attraction.

EAN 0634158550881
Manufacturer CC Moore

Manufacturer: CC Moore