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CC Moore Tuna L030

This highly attractive, nutrient-rich liquid food is a soluble fish protein extract that is derived wholly from pure Tuna meat meaning it is not only comparable to the original L030 product in terms of salts, protein, amino acids etc. but it also boasts the phenomenal taste, aroma and omega oils associated with Tuna products that makes them so attractive.


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  • Due to its soluble content, Tuna L030 will soak into the outer layers of baits to which it is applied, and the longer you soak them, the more they will suck in. It is also superb as a rehydration liquid for soaking and boosting air dried or shelf life baits on foreign trips and using as the base for dips/soaks.
  • Tuna L030 is a superb liquid for using in PVA bags and sticks as it is highly soluble so disperses quickly and easily in water but also has a relatively low oil content and high dry matter so still won't melt PVA. Using straight Tuna L030 in PVA bags is a great edge for creating lots of attraction and no hard food around your hookbait (meaning fish are stimulated to feed quickly and will automatically home in on your hookbait in search of food)

EAN 0634158444906
Manufacturer CC Moore

Manufacturer: CC Moore

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