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CC Moore Tones Pop-Up Hook Baits

We all know some days one colour of hook bait gets bites and on another day it’s a different colour. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Each pot of Tones hook baits contain a 'washed-out' version and a more ‘solid’ coloured version, giving the angler two different shades of the same hook bait. This enables them to change the visibility of their hook bait as light levels vary, and affect how sight feeding fish respond to colours and tones in your swim.

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Each hook bait in the new Tones range contains a complex blend of highly soluble fish-attracting esters, additives and essential oils which together trigger an instant investigatory response from fish through intensively stimulating their chemical, taste and aroma ‘receptors’. 

Tones pop-up properties include:-

- Steamed and literally flavour-loaded 12mm & 14mm pop ups

- Made with CC Moore's outstanding creamy-vanilla Dairy Cream or creamy-pear Ester Cream flavour blends

- Each pot contains light and dark pink (Dairy Cream) or 'washed out' gold & dark gold (Ester Cream) versions

- Small-batch rolled & hand sorted to ensure total product quality control 

- Durable skin ensures excellent, consistent buoyancy for 24hrs+ 

- Superb on PVA bag rigs, fished alone or as a hook bait ‘topper’

- Designed both for use as singles or over loose feed/boilies

- CC Moore pop-up mix maximises flavour and attractor leakage

- Ideal for coating with the matching hook bait booster and powder 

Available in 12mm (55 per pot) or 14mm (45 per pot) sizes.

Usage Tip - Give Tones a light coating of the powerful corresponding Hook Bait Booster, allow it to dry in and then coat with CC Moore's outstanding Lactose Concentrate on the Dairy Cream, or Fructose Concentrate powder on the Ester Cream to make a superb hi-attract hook bait option. 

Manufacturer CC Moore

Manufacturer: CC Moore